Create an Excel Spreadsheet in Microsoft Word

One of the most underutilized functions within Microsoft Word is the ability to create an excel spreadsheet.  When taking on a new project many users think that they need to make a decision as to whether they would better accomplish their task by using Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Word.  Wouldn’t it be great, they think to themselves, if we could incorporate the aesthetically pleasing nature of Microsoft Word, with the raw mathematical functionality of excel?

This functionality, while overlooked by many, exists within Microsoft Office Word – and it isn’t too difficult to do, either!  While we are all used to the insert > table function within Microsoft Word, the thinking is that the functionality stops there.  I have even known users to create their table in excel, then copy its contents over to a status Microsoft Word table to be used within their report.

These users, side tracked by the interesting choose-your-table-by-dragging-your-mouse-over-the-little-squares feature, fail to note that the insert > table function has an additional option below it “Insert Microsoft Excel Worksheet”.  This spreadsheet has all the options you would find within a regular excel spreadsheet, with special ribbons appearing up at the top of the page when you click into it.  Click out of the spreadsheet and you are given back your familiar Microsoft Word ribbons.

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