Stay Organized with Outlook Rules and Alerts

Have you discovered the Rules and Alerts function yet when using Microsoft Office Outlook?  If you haven’t it could save you a lot of time and increase the organization of your inbox.

Sorting Incoming Emails

Setting rules for incoming mail allows content to automatically be sorted into various folders within your Outlook based on specific criteria:

Sender – Emails coming from a specific person or group.  If you’ve got a busy desk but your Aunt Marie has an affection for cute cat photos and jokes of the day, having her emails automatically moved into the Family&Friends folder may increase your productivity by allowing you to open those emails at a time that isn’t so hectic.

Subject – Emails with specific words contained in the Subject.  Working on project X and project Y at the same time?  Ensure emails for the two aren’t mixed up in your inbox by having these emails automatically deposited into their respective project folders.

Recipient – Emails to you vs. emails to a group you are a part of.  Sure you joined the Green Committee, but you don’t need to be privy to every single email submitted to this group.  Have these emails moved out of the way to take a look at later and get back to the task at hand.

Alerts for Important Emails

Working on a project with a deadline? Need to make sure you don’t miss an email from your boss?  With Outlook’s alerts feature emails with certain features take priority to ensure you aren’t missing out.

Choose certain individuals whose emails take priority and each time you receive an email from them it will be conveniently displayed in the New Item Alert window.  Take things one step further by customizing an alert sound for emails from this person to notify you by ear as well.  Need to guarantee you’ll never miss an alert?  Choose to have an alert to your cell phone each time you receive an email from them.

Learn More about Rules and Alerts with Helpdesk Online

This overview has been a simplistic version of Microsoft Outlook’s Rules and alerts functionality.  Once you’ve had a chance to dive into rules and alerts you will discover the vast number of possible rules that can be applied to help increase your productivity and personal and/or business organization.  The great thing about Microsoft Outlook Rules and Alerts is that they can be changed frequently because the process is simple, quick and easy.  

For more information on setting up Microsoft Outlook rules and alerts, and for step-by-step instructions visit the Guest Area of our Helpdesk Online website and click on Rules and Alerts on the left hand side.  The Guest Area gives you a sample of our interactive online searchable Microsoft Office Training manual, which provides hundreds of articles on Microsoft Office products including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.

Want to learn more about Helpdesk Online?  Visit our website.


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